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World war II Prague Tours

Experience the Occupation of Prague by the nazis

World War II Prague Tours

A look at prague’s occupation and struggles

See the locations where the resistance parties battle against the Nazi occupation of Prague. Our WWII Tours are a  comprehensive look into the struggle for freedom and independence in Czechia.

Highlights of our WWII Tours

  • Professional Licensed Historical Guides
  • Visit the church where the final stand off took place
  • See the location where Heydrich was assassinated
  • Take a day trip to Lidice memorial for the full tour
  • BONUS – 24 hour transport ticket included that you can use after the tour is over
Interior of the operation anthropoid Crypt in Prague WWII Tour of Prague

WWII “Operation Anthropoid” Tour

On this tour WWII history tour of Prague we will show you the places where “Operation Anthropoid”took place. As well as many places where other notable WWII historical events took place in Prague along the way. You will see both locations where the standoff took place, and see the location where Heydrich was assassinated. You will also see many other locations where many WWII events took place along the way. An amazing tour of the Czech struggle for independence.

Terezin Nazi Concentration Camp Tour Photo

Day Trip to Terezin Nazi Concentration Camp

The city of Terezin was a holding area for Czech and Polish Jews during WWII by the Nazis. We will visit the camp and see the holding rooms where the prisoners were held. You will learn the history of Terezin, who stayed there. We will visit this heart moving memorial to the Jewish people who were persecuted by the Nazis. We will visit the Terezin Museum with its extensive historical exhibition. The tour lasts about 1/2 day and is highly recommended but a very emotional experience for visitors who have had family here or are interested in WWII history. Entry tickets are included in the price of the tour.

Lidice Memeorial park in Czech Republic Czechia

Special World War II “Operation Anthropoid” Tour including a trip to Lidice Memorial

On our special WWII Tour of Prague we will take you to all of the locations where “Operation Anthropoid took place. You will see the site where Heydrich was assassinated and then we will go to the church crypt where the famous standoff took place against the nazis. Then we will go by car or minivan to the city of Lidice which no longer exists. It was razed to the ground by the nazis in reprisal for the assassination of Heydrich. You will visit the museum and war memorial there. This is a very moving experience for anyone interested in WWII history. Our special WWII Tour covers it all.

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