Winter in Prague “The Magical Season”

The Magical Season “Winter”

Prague is a magnificent place and in the Winter, Prague is transformed into a festival and serine place filled with quiet mysticism and wonder. For these reasons Franz Kafka loved the quiet winter season in this beautiful city.  Winter season is a great time to visit Prague because of the lower number of winter tourists which also adds to the appeal of visiting Prague in the winter. When the city is covered in snow and the Vltava covered in ice the town becomes a place of solitude and meditation. You can walk in the city and relax and contemplate the history and magic of the holiday season in peace. The snow of winter definitely brings a magic to the typical sights. The gargoyles outside of St. Vitus cathedral show their unique beards of ice and frost covered spires hanging with icicles of every roofs edge depicts a fairy tale scene only experienced during winter.

All of the typical sites and museums and art galleries are open during the winter season. We suggest after sight seeing to get out of the cold and visit Prague’s many sweet shops for a nice coffee or cuddle around the fire in Prague’s many local bars and sip a hot wine or cider. In the winter in Prague the days are short with night coming early at 4:00 pm so be sure to get out early to take in a full day of sightseeing. Winter is surely a unique time to see Prague away from the immense crowds in the summer. Our personal winter walking tours of Prague will ensure you a fulfilling and memorable time during the winter season and experience the true magic of Prague in the winter.

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Zaneta Endlicherova is founder of Prestige Prague Tours and a professional guide in Prague.

She is also editor of the Prestige Prague Insiders guide. You can contact her and book a tour at or follow her on Twitter.

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