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Visit Jewish Heritage Sites

See Prague’s Old Town and Visit the Jewish Quarter

Enjoy a private look at Prague’s Jewish Quarter and Old Town. Visit the Old Jewish town and cemetery and synagogs. Experience a rich Jewish culture in Prague.

Highlights of the tour

  • Includes breathtaking synagogs, old Jewish cemetery and memorial hall
  • See the famous Gothic Hall where the Golem was stored
  • Professional Licensed Guides/Delegates
  • Tickets prepaid so no long lines
  • See the statue of Rabbi Loew and Old Town Area with famous astronomical clock
  • Take our trip to Terezin Concentration Camp for the full historical package
Jewish Synagogue Prague Czech Republic Photo

Prague's Jewish Quarter Tour

We will give you a private walking tour of the many Jewish Heritage locations in Prague including Franz Kafka house, statue of Rabbi Loew, the legend of the Golem, and ceremonial halls. We will show you the many beautiful synagogues, Prague’s Jewish Folklore and walk you through the Jewish Quarter. Our Jewish Quarter Tour includes entry into all locations of the Jewish Quarter in Prague and the Jewish Cemetery included in the price. You can combine this with our Tour of Terezin Concentration Camp  for a complete look at Jewish History in Prague. 

Duration: 4-6 hours

Experience quality Time in Prague With a Professional Guide.

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