Kuks Baroque Castle Tour

Day Trip to Kuks Castle and Baroque Gardens

Kuks Castle Hospital and Baroque Garden and Baroque Pharmacy is the newest location added to the UNESCO list of historical sights in the Czech Republic. The Kuks City and Baroque Castle Tour is the newest and most unique location and we are happy to be the first to offer this day trip to Kuks Castle Hospital from Prague.

Kuks is the baroque wonder in the heart of the Czech countryside. We will take you to the small city of Kuks founded by Baron Spork and his family. Here Baron Spork built his legacy, his dream city/utopia, where he held extravagant dinner parties with fountains of wine, fun, games and jousting field. The complete city was built as a place of fun and recreation decorated in lavish baroque style until a tragic flood.

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In the 18th century the castle was converted into a hospital for war veterans and housed a unique Baroque pharmacy which is now open to the public. Now you can see the world of flamboyant Baroque parties and extravagant living in the 17th century city of Kuks founded by an eccentric baron who was awarded the town for his victorious battles against the Turks.  Be the first to see this soon to be very popular unique UNESCO site.

Highlights of the Kuks Castle Day Trip:
  • Your personal English speaking guide
  • Luxury car or minivan with Professional English Speaking Driver
  • You will see the incredible Baroque Castle of Baron Spork
  • Incredible Baroque statues of Mathias Bernard Braun
  • You will see The Baroque Pharmacy 
  • You will see The Baroque Chapel and tour Baron Sporks’ home
  • You will relax in The Kuks Baroque Gardens
  • We will stop for lunch at the hunting lodge restaurant
  • Length of the tour is 8 hours (Pick-up 9:30 am – Return to hotel around 6:00 pm)

Write us for price and booking – prestigepraguetours@gmail.com

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